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What Jewelry Should You Wear for a Job Interview?

Job interview - what to wear

You’ve sent in your resume, and you’ve just gotten the good news that the employer wants you to come in for a job interview. If you’re like most, the first question that comes to mind is, What to wear? Your look at an interview makes a statement about who you are, and this includes the jewelry you choose. So what jewelry should you wear for a job interview? Below are some helpful tips for choosing jewelry that will accentuate your look and help you make the best impression.

Less is More

While wearing some jewelry is appropriate, even encouraged, it’s important not to overdo it. Remember, this interview is about you, and you want the employer to be able to focus on your conversation without being distracted by all the glitz you’re wearing. Jewelry Wise suggests that when choosing jewelry for an interview, you should keep it simple and lean toward understatement. Don’t load your fingers with rings: one or two should do just fine. Save the layered necklaces for another time, and choose one nice necklace that accentuates what you’re wearing without overstating the case. Avoid large hoop earrings that draw the eye away from your face; instead, choose earrings that are small and elegant. As a rule of thumb, you should choose just enough pieces to enhance your look without becoming the look, so the attention stays on you and not what you’re wearing.

Silence is Golden

Simply put, avoid wearing jewelry that makes noise when you move. Dangling earrings that sound like wind chimes when you turn your head, or multiple bracelets that jangle when you lift your arm—these can distract an employer from what you are saying during the interview. Save these pieces for another time. For now, let your jewelry be seen, not heard.

Classy, not Trendy

On a job interview, you want to convey a sense of class and professionalism, not demonstrate how in tune you are with the latest trends in jewelry and fashion. As a guideline, try to choose jewelry that conveys a current-yet-timeless look. Again, let the focus be on you, not your fashion statement. (NOTE: The glaring exception to this rule is if you are pursuing a job in fashion, in which case making a fashion statement is rather the point.)

Sophisticated, Not Opulent

Career coaching institute 3 Plus International recommends caution when choosing overly expensive jewelry for an interview. You might be exceedingly proud of your 2-carat diamond ring or pendant that perfectly catches the light, but wearing it to your job interview is probably not a great idea. Jewelry that evokes wealth can actually send a subtly confusing message to a potential employer. You don’t want to come across as needy, but neither do you want to convey the idea that you could take the job or leave it. Instead, choose something that exudes confidence and independence without drawing attention to its own appraisal value.

The bottom line is that you know you’re the right fit for this job, and your look should convey that confidence to an employer. Keep this in mind when choosing jewelry to wear for your job interview, and you’ll steer yourself toward a great impression.

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