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We Buy Diamonds & Gold

We buy most precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond jewelry, Diamonds and fine watches in any condition. We also buy Silver or Gold coins, bullion, and Sterling Silver flatware.

We have decades of experience of buying gold and diamonds. Our pricing on scrap gold is very competitive. We are offering our best price for your items based on the current market price. While you are in the store we will evaluate your gold for free. We will determine your gold’s Karat, weigh each karat separately, and then give you an offer. In most cases we can determine what Karat or quality your gold is by looking at the items.  When testing is needed, we rub the item onto a gold testing stone and use different strength acids to determine the fineness or Karat of each piece. We buy no matter what condition your gold is.

You will have the option to accept or decline our offer. If you accept the offer, you will receive an immediate payment. You will need a valid state or government photo ID.

We do not give quote over the phone. In most cases we are not interested in colored gemstones. If you would like your diamonds or gemstones back and they are easily removed we are happy to do so.  All diamonds and gemstones are removed from settings at the customer’s risk. We will buy select precious gemstones and diamonds.

You can trade your gold or diamonds for your next anniversary gift or birthday present. Using your old gold towards a new item is a great way to afford a new gift that will be loved for generations to come.

Diamond trade-in policy:

The following diamond items can be traded in towards the purchase price of a new diamond jewelry that is at least two times or greater the price you paid for your original diamond purchase:

  • Loose diamonds
  • Solitaire rings
  • Stud earrings
  • Solitaire pendants

To be eligible for the trade-in jewelry original sales receipt must be presented as confirmation of eligibility. You may only trade in one jewelry item for one jewelry item.

For more information or schedule an appointment please call us at (508) 655-8578.