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Our Quality

Euro Design Jewelry features the highest level of quality materials and artistry. Incorporating contemporary and classic design styles, we are constantly learning innovative and creative approaches to design.

Our Quality JewelryA personal touch is always important. Whether it is by patiently answering questions, or helping with professional advice, our staff is always attentive. Today, Michael and Bella’s dream is alive and well at Euro Design Jewelry, a premier retailer of fine jewelry with a personal touch, which served customer in Natick, Framingham, Newton, and throughout the Greater Boston area.


Because we are a small business, we prefer to concentrate on quality and beauty rather than mass production. Perfection in every detail is most important for our jewelry. Interaction with owner and designer in a process of creating one of a kind beautiful pieces of jewelry makes a unique and personalized experience for our customers. We will spend as much time, as customer needs to select or design the perfect piece of jewelry. Our commitment is to make your jewelry shopping experience the best it can be.

Yours truly,

Michael Shnayder


GIA Certificate

JA Certified Senior Sales Professional Certification