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Helpful Tips for Storing Your Jewelry

If you’re like most women, your jewelry collection is an essential part of your wardrobe, and also something to be guarded carefully. As such, it’s very important to have a system for storage and organization that not only helps you find your favorite pieces easily, but also protects against damage and loss. Here are some helpful tips for storing your jewelry safely and conveniently.

Protecting Your Jewelry

The fabric lining in most jewelry boxes isn’t just for show; it’s also for protection because jewelry can become scratched or damaged when left unprotected. This is why it’s best for each piece of jewelry to have its own place in your box (the more compartments, the better). If you don’t have a fabric-lined box, store your pieces in the protective pouch or case in which you received them. Because gold is a soft metal that scratches easily, your gold pieces should be kept isolated and protected in a pouch or lined container. Silver tarnishes in moisture over time, so store these pieces completely dry, in tarnish-proof cloths away from the air (also keep silver away from anything rubber). Anything hung (like necklaces) should be kept from rubbing against each other to prevent scratching. If you have particularly expensive pieces of jewelry, these should be kept under lock and key or in a safe to protect against theft.

Storing Necklaces

Necklaces should always be stored separately, away from each other to prevent tangling. Carefully lay these pieces in a jewelry box compartment, or better yet, find a way for each to hang separately. The Container Store suggests storing some of your favorite necklaces in view on a small mounted peg rack for easy access.

Storing Earrings

Earrings are among the most commonly worn types of jewelry, but also the easiest to be lost because they typically have multiple parts and come in pairs. Each pair of earrings should have its own compartment for protection and visibility. It’s also a good idea to keep a stash of spare earring backs so if you lose the back of an earring, the earring doesn’t become unusable.

Storing Diamonds and other Gem Stones

With any gem stone, the danger of damage is that the stone gets dislodged from its setting, so store your jewelry with gem stones in a way that prevents contact with other pieces. This is especially important for diamonds, which as the earth’s hardest substance can scratch just about any other piece of jewelry with which they come in contact. Always keep your diamond jewelry isolated to protect the other pieces you own.

Storing Rings

Rings are typically small and easy to lose. Most jewelry cases will have a special padded row to insert your rings so they sit firmly in place. Always make use of this option, or store each ring in the case in which it arrived.


Finally, for organizational purposes, it’s a great idea to have a storage solution for the pieces of jewelry you wear most often, either hung or in a separate drawer where each piece is visible and accessible. This allows you to grab your favorite pieces on the go. Fashion Diva Design offers a whole array of other ideas for organizing your favorites, many of which don’t involve a jewelry box at all.

Your jewelry collection is too valuable to risk unneeded damage and loss. By exercising a bit of thoughtfulness when organizing and storing your jewelry, these pieces will give you great enjoyment for years to come.

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