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Our Custom Design Jewelry

Custom designs are a major part of our business.

We believe that jewelry is an expression of your personality and you deserve a piece of jewelry that is unique and special as your are. Do you have a picture of a piece of jewelry that you like? Maybe you not sure what you want, but you know it must be special for a certain occasion or a particular person. Did you lose one piece of earring? We can help with these situations and many more.

Michael and our team work closely with every customer to design and create a unique high-end piece of jewelry, in-store or online, to your specifications using old school experience with the latest design software and production technology.

Over 40 years of experience in the industry and our state-of-the-art equipment we will create a piece that brings a vision to life. Most importantly, because we create jewelry on our own premises, customers always get exactly what they want, when they want.

Custom Design Process

The custom design process begins with consultation where you choose your design, gemstones and metal quality. Than we assist your ideas to sketch.

Step I: Sketching ideas

To help you envision what it will look like, we will do a rough draft in front of you from scratch based on your ideas, stories and descriptions. You will review the sketch, make necessary adjustments prior to moving onto the next step.

How long can pieces take to be made?

Once you approve and choose a design, we will be able to provide time frame and quote for the finished product. The timeframe to create a custom piece can vary from one to eight weeks, depending on complications of design and availability of supply.

Step II: Digitizing the Design or Hand Carving the Wax Mold Creation

After the sketch is approved by you, we will begin to bringing your design to life. We will either use Computer Design software and production technology to make a model for your piece or hand carve. Diamonds and gemstones can be laid into the wax prototype during this stage in order to provide you with a replica of your custom piece.

Step III: Casting or Hand Forging

We will cast or hand forge the piece of jewelry depending on your desire. We’ll then prepare the piece to hand-set the stones by using Michael’s experience and microscope to ensure security and perfection of the setting. Each piece is a piece of art and the time and care we give to our custom-process is reflected in every finished product!

Techniques and Technology

Michael’s years of experience and passion for jewelry craftsmanship allows him to create a masterpiece as an old world artist without the use of computers or digital techniques, or he can use any technology available in today’s modern world.

Step IV: Enjoy Your Finished Piece

Our ideology is to create custom jewelry that you will treasure and be proud to pass down to future generations. We warranty all our products to the highest standard available in the jewelry industry and offer free lifetime inspections and cleaning.

Begin Your Free Design Consultation

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Begin your FREE design consultation by filling out the form below. Please leave a descriptionof what you have in mind and include any sketches or inspiration as an attachment.We will contact you directly via email or phone call to begin designing your forever piece.

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